Friday, February 4, 2011

Old Postcards to Share

My daughter let's me scan old photos, papers, books and post cards from 1800's through 1925 to use in my artwork. Here are a few to share with you. These are from 1900-1911.
My daughter and son in law own Mylissa's Garden Antiques. Several times a year they close their shop and travel to outdoor antique shows; they have gone to Round Top, Texas for many years, Nebraska and Minnesota. Many of these are outdoor shows. Ten months out of the year, they travel to set up at a one day show in Wichita, KS
A few years ago, a television crew did a video showcasing items from some of the antique shops at the Texas show, later some of the items they purchased from my daughter were seen on the Today Show.

Someone from DIY has purchased items from my daughter as well.


  1. Now that's the life! Travelling the country shopping for (or selling) antiques! That would be a dream! Thanks for sharing the beautiful postcards! :)

  2. these old post cards are lovely, Did I read that you sell them?
    If so how much. they are abolutely wonderful
    Please contact me
    Thank You


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