Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Grandmother

This is my beloved Grandmother. When we got off the school bus we would stop in to see her and my grandpa. I have fond memories that are dear to my heart. I recall helping with the quilts that hung from the ceiling, making pulled taffy, sewing, she taught me to crochet, feeding gold fish in the pond and so, so, so many more memories. 
My Mother and Dad lived down the road from our Grandparent's. Some days it would be almost dark when I would go home. I was the middle child two older and two younger brothers and sisters.
When my grannie pass on, I was one of two grandchildren in the will; I received her treadle sewing machine. My grandparents had seven children and 22 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. 
My grandmother was a creative person, she handmade all the gifts for Christmas. I still have all the things she made me for me; even the little dress she made when I was born. 

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  1. Such lovely memories to have of your grandma! I remember mine had a treadle sewing machine too & she made my nightdresses when I went off to boarding school on it :-)



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