Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coloring Challenge Day 25 ~ Gray Roses

Kathy shared using grey on her flowers, that is a new technique for me. First I colored tulips, next daisies, and then roses, I like the roses best of all and will use them as my coloring challenge day 25.
I used two die cuts, two stamps and these Copic sketch makers on this card front.

You can see all artist work here during our 30 day coloring challenge:

And to see Kathy's Coloring Challenge Day 25 blog post click here:

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  1. I had never seen roses painted grey either and your flowers are lovely too! By the way, I used those watercolor crayons I had to color in one of the crazy bird stamp-offs you sent me. He's quite jaunty with a bowler hat and green polka dot tie! Do watercolor crayons come in more colors than the 8 pack that I have?


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