Friday, March 24, 2017

Mixed Media Mini Book Pg.1

I'm adding this page for Day 24 of #the30daycoloringchallenge by Kathy Racoosin. 
I used Tim's collage medium to apply tissue wrap to cover page and then used a plastic spatula to apply a little gesso over the tissue wrap. 
Next, I added a little bit of distress crayons using my fingers to spread out and over the page. 
The little girls image is from Tim's new supplies called; Paper Dolls, these were purchased at JoAnn's. I added trimmed black card stock around the little girls. 
 "Today is the day" stamp and die set by Richard Garay purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Prima flowers, glitz, and a 4x8 inch Maya Road rectangular tabbed chipboard album was purchased at Tuesday Morning. 
All images were applied using collage medium purchased at Michael's. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mixed Media Journal Book Page 4

Hi! This is page 4, click here to view link for pages 1, 2 and 3 on my Mixed Media Journal Book.
I'm adding this as day 23 of color challenge for the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Rocoosin. 
This page was done using a mixture of supplies. Tim Holtz Distress crayons,  Michael's modeling paste with TH scribbles layering stencil, more distress crayons, stamped image (Dina Wakley) cut out and added color with distress crayons and a water brush, stamped quote inked with archival black and then TH distress ink edged around trimmed stamped sentiment.  (sentiment stamp unknown)
I used TH collage medium to apply both images to page.

I was very pleased with the results using the scribbles layer stencil on this page even though it had to be turned several times since the page was larger than the stencil. I had already added the woman image before adding the modeling paste which made it more difficult adding the stencil. 
I've been gone from my home the last 6 days, I took stamping supplies with me and when I felt like it I made this page and worked on 4 x 8" mini book. We were visiting my mother while I went to a heart doctor, he will remove my loop recorder if I don't have any more heart issues in the next six months, a pain management doctor that gave me 2 shots in my back and a neurologist that gave me Botox in my forehead, both temples, head and back of neck for the migraines and headaches. I've had nonstop pain the past 3 months. I've had migraines and headaches most of my life but in the last year they have been worse. Late Fall and early Spring when with weather changing makes the headaches and migraines especially bad.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mixed Media Journal Book (Pages 1 thru 3)

This tag was made using tissue napkin, stamps, embossing ink and powder, gesso, paper napkins, stencil, archival black ink, metal butterflies and distress crayons. 

This page was made with two stamps, tissue wrap, watercolor crayons, black archival ink.

The third page was made with a photo copy of my mother at age 4 and her big sister at age 6. I used texture paste, die cut flowers, big words, tissue paper and distress crayons. 
This chipboard book has six pages. 

Fifteen years ago, when I wanted to make a journal, I would buy old bound books, go to my bandsaw and cut the books into a shape or half of a heart and when the heart was open you would see a full heart. I shared these books with my mother and then we would spent all week working on our books. Some of the books, we glued 10 to 20 pages together.
One book, had a bunch of pages glued together with a deep rectangle cut-out in back of book. A tiny light could be turned on inside the book to showcase a translucent image over the cut-out.
Eight days ago, dear hubby and oldest granddaughter took me to my mothers home. We spent the week playing with our stamps and supplies. Like usual, I took more supplies that I needed. She doesn't have a car so we were bound to the house. We spent each day till we got tired playing with our stamping supplies. I worked on a few tags, made a few cards and then started working on my journal book. Most of the time was spent looking for supplies, discussing what to make next and so was good to be with my mother again.

I'm home now getting things back in my stamping area and thought I would share these pages. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fabric Flowers

Buckram fabric flowers

Crinoline and Buckram fabric flowers

Buckram fabric flowers

The above flowers were made with gesso canvas

I've made a bunch of flowers since my shipment came with Spellbinder flower dies by Tammy Tutterow. I've used Dylusions sprays, fabric paints, distress paints, distress dabber paints.
The flowers range from 1.5" to 2.6"
These are just a few of the ones I have now. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Childhood Memories

On Facebook someone asked; something you remember you did in childhood that a younger person wouldn't know about or hasn't done. There are just a few of the things I remember;

Occasionally we would go to town, my mother would give each of us kids 10 cents. That would be for anything we wanted to buy. (This was late 50's early 60's) I would go get a small sack of candy it would last all the next week. My older sister and older brother would get a soft drink or milkshake at a drug store that had a soda fountain. My younger brother and sister would be with our mother. 

Sometimes I would save my money to buy my mother a piece of stoneware. Once, I bought a package of flower bulbs for my grandmother that lived down the road. (After I got married and had my own home, my grandmother gave me a start of bulbs…these bulbs are still lovely each spring.)

If we were still in town at lunch our mother would buy us large burgers; 5 for $1.00. In today prices they would be a least $4.00 to $6.00 each.  

Many times before going to town, I would go out in the woods to pick poke salad to sell in town at a grocery store, they would pay me 10 cents a pound. 

We would start our school year when it was hot weather and they would turn school out in fall for farmers to get their crops of cotton and peanuts in. We would go back to school after harvest.

We farmed peanuts. Weeds had to removed around the peanuts; we did this with a hoe. When it was time to harvest our field of peanuts, my brother would use a tractor with disk to bring the peanuts to the top of the soil, the next weeks we were out in the hot sun using a pitchfork shaking out dirt and turned the peanuts over, this was done until they were dry. My oldest brother would pull a combine with a tractor, my oldest sister and I would be up on the combine to catch the peanuts coming out, my sister would hold a 50 lb toe sack until it was filled, she would pass it down to me to sew up. I used large needle with twine to make a bunny ear, sew in the middle and then another bunny ear and pull it off to fall on the ground. When we were through sacking up the peanuts, our dad drove a tractor pulling a long trailer down the rows and my brother would pick up the sacks and then they would drive the peanuts to the elevator to sell about 10 miles away. 
That was a hot and dirty job. We took a quart jar of water for drinking water. It would be placed under a tree. 
My dad would farm us out to get other farmers crops in when we finished our crop of peanuts. 
Our mother would sew us a 10 ft. canvas toe sack with an over the shoulder handle, we would drag it behind us when the cotton was ready to pick. It was painful job picking cotton with bare hands. When our bags were full, we pulled them to the person that would pick it up and put it on big brass scales at the end of the rows, they would pay us 10 cents a pound. That was a hard way to make a little bit of money. In the evening our mother would have to sew a patch over the holes in the canvas sack. 

One year when we didn't farm peanuts, I got a job babysitting 5 children from daylight to dark, the parents left 5 gallons of milk on the counter for me to strain and put up in their icebox. The oldest child was 6, a 5 year old, a set of twins and a baby. That was one year I was happy for the time to go back to school. I was 16 years old. I made less than $75.00 that summer.

My mother was a very good seamstress, my sister and I would pick a piece of clothing from a show windows then our mother would go down to Sharp's or Anthony's to buy fabric material. She would go home and without a pattern she would sew us a blouse or dress. I recall wearing a circle skirt with a poodle on it. One memory I have; picking out material from National Bella's Hess and ordering the material and mother making me one of a kind shirt. When I went to school, no one would believe my mother made my clothing. To this day, at age 91 my mother still sews although she no longer makes clothes. She makes crafty projects or fabric handbags. Mother is still using the sewing machine they bought the year I was born.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Fabric Flower Bouquet

December 14, I ordered shabby posies and pom pom posies dies after viewing Tammy Tutterow's artwork on Internet. 
When they arrived I started making flowers with stem and leaves using crinoline and buckram fabric. I've made a lot of flowers since December 19. Love using these thin dies. I can cut two layers with one pass with my vagabond. 
The glass vases, wrapped wire stems, buckram were purchased at Hobby Lobby. 
Utility crinoline was purchased at Joann's. 
Paint from my stash.
Stamens were from my stash when I made wedding candles and from my daughters antique shop. 
The next flowers will be made with short stems to use on my cards and tags. 
The above flowers are examples; each bouquet I gave away had 5 to 7 flowers. 
One granddaughter wanted blue flowers, one granddaughter wanted purple flowers, my mother a mixed bouquet, our daughter a mixed bouquet and our DIL a mixed bouquet and one of my sisters a yellow bouquet. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Face Card

I like how this card turned out. I used three of my older stamps to make this card.
Archival Sepia ink was used on script and face stamps. Archival black ink was used on flower image.
Watercolor crayons were used to color flower image, cutout and then applied to card front.
The pink swirl background on card was made using alcohol inks. All stamped images were applied to brown trimmed piece of card stock.
Alcohol inked and card front were applied to white folded card. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

From 1973 thru 2016

Something you might not know about me. 

I had a hair salon in my home, from 1973 through 2000. 
From 1975-1983, along with the hair salon I poured and sold greenware in my spare time. My husband and I poured, fired, glazed or painted ceramics for shows several times a year. 
We have canisters, large and small nativity set, pioneer woman statues, dishes, large deer with antlers, dolls, frogs and bird figurines plus many more molds. 

I took up oil painting classes when the children were in school but had to stop because I was allergic to the brush cleaner. Now, they use a product I wouldn't be allergic.  

My first wood mounted rubber stamps were purchased in 1984. I started making cards in 1993 when I purchased a few PSX mounted wood stamps. 

After closing my hair salon, I opened up a wholesale candle and handmade soap shop. I sold pillar candles and homemade soaps to book stores, pharmacies, gift shops and flower shops. 

I closed my business after three years due to being allergic to candle scent. 

I've enjoyed making projects with my sewing machine. 
During 70's thru 90's I made and sold fabric dolls, rabbits, bears, and then turned to large wood yard ornaments. We also made and sold barn wood baskets and planters. 

We bought and sold antiques for many years. 

In 1983 we built a small commercial mobile concession trailer in our back yard and found out it was too small, we built our second trailer in 1985 in our back yard and found it was still too small to make funnel cakes. Our third concession trailer was purchased in 2000, it had wheels, walls and a roof, we added windows, installed electricity, plumbing, water holding tank and wood cabinets so we could make funnel cakes and Indian tacos, we added an extra large 50 pound commercial vat with a commercial exhaust to get rid of the heat. March thru November throughout Oklahoma and Kansas we sold cotton candy, shaved ice, fresh squeezed lemonades, funnel cakes, Indian Tacos, pretzels, ribs, hamburgers, pancakes, eggs and BBQ but not all at the same time. We set up at auctions, county fairs, special events, antique shows, 
October festivals and art shows, miniature goat shows and mule shows. We enjoyed working in our trailer until both of us started having health problems. We closed our concession business 2009. 

Since 2012, I've made stencils with my Silhouette digital die cutter to use with my 8x10" Gelli Arts printing plate. The finished pieces has been used in my artwork.

I've always made time to play with my rubber stamping supplies throughout the years. 

May 2011 my dear hubby retired due to back surgery. 
I've had ongoing health issues since 2010. I'm very lucky to be here writing this note about a portion of my life after a health scare April 10, 2016. Doctors tell me not many live through what happened to me. They tell me I might not ever be the same. 
With the grace of God, help from skilled doctors and nurses he has granted me more time on earth. 

I'm Thankful for family and friends in my life! 
Have a nice day! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Coloring Challenge 30 ~ Birthday Wishes

This is my last card for Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge.
This was a simple card to make using the new Distress Crayons! I picked one color for flowers, leaves and vase and then pulled out the color using a water-brush to blend.
The tiny quote was inked and stamped on card.
Finished card; 4 1/4"x 5.5" 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 29 Birthday Wishes

 When I finished the stamped flower image with watercolor crayons it seems to go perfect with this background. Black card stock was used to matte flower image. Stamp "birthday wishes" on card.

Did I mention, I like to make backgrounds, the background was made with acrylic paints that was applied to kraft sheet and then pulled up using a single pull, thus making no two backgrounds alike.
This is day 29 card for coloring challenge of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 28 Coloring Challenge ~ Lady in Pink

 This card was made using one of my favorite images from a photo type stamp. Watercolor crayons were used to color the sepia inked image on clay coated glossy card stock. Background stamped image and inked quote also from my stash. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 27 ~ Just to say "Hello"

This is my coloring challenge day 27 for Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. Over this past month, I've enjoyed working on my cards for this coloring challenge.
I used vintage stamped images for this card. Distress crayons were used to color the roses.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 26 ~ Warm Thoughts and Best Wishes!

I was inspired to get out my holiday stamps for day 26 coloring challenge. On this card, I used stamps from my stash, oval cutter, watercolors, Fiskar scissors and Wink of Stella. 

 I love flower stamps! 

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've made for Kathy's coloring challenge.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 25 ~ Morning Glory!

This is my card for Day 25 Coloring Challenge. 
I love this retired stamped image from PSX, although it looks a tiny bit off from the original. As I was stamping it, I got a smear and instead of tossing it in the trash, a new leaf was formed with a sharp pen. This card looks best in person, I used distress crayons to color and then used 
White and Clear "Wink of Stella" on leaves and flowers. The background was made with one of Tim's stencils and distress ink. 
Thanks for looking and have a nice day! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 23 ~ Stamped Card

While visiting my mother recently, I stamped this image from her stash of stamps. I made this card for Day 23 coloring challenge. It was super easy to finish using watercolor crayons and Wink of Stella clear brush. All I had to do to finish was adhere card to black card stock and then adhere to folded card to finish. Finished card; 4 1/4"x5.5"

Monday, November 21, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 21 ~ Stamped Card

This is my card for day 21 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. I used a retired PSX stamped image with distress crayons to make a simple and quick card. Years ago, I saw the hydrangea plants in full bloom at relatives home in Tennessee and Alabama. I couldn't decide on all blue or all purple so I made them a combination of both. Finished card: 4 1/4" x 5.5" 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 19 ~ Happy Birthday!

I made this card for my Day 19 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. 
The background on this card was made using another page from my Gelli printed paper. The flower stamped image was inked and then painted with distress crayons and a water-brush. The flower image was fussy cut and then applied to trimmed black card stock. Trimmed Gelli printed paper was applied to folded card and then stamped flower image to folded card. 
Archival black ink was used to stamp Happy Birthday! 
My finished card 4 1/4" x 5.5"

Friday, November 18, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 18

I finished painting this flower stamped image using distress crayons and my water brush and then discovered my beautiful Gelli painted paper worked well together. 
I made this card for Day 18 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Coloring Challenge Day 17 ~ Delight in the Beauty of the Day!

Hello Friends! It's been a few days since I posted a card for the 30 Coloring Challenge Kathy is having on her blog during November 2016.
The background was made with my Gelli plate. The round stamped image was inked with Memento black on Neenah paper and Copic markers were used to color image. The quote was inked with Memento black. I used one of Kathy's tips using a white gel pen on the roses.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 12 of Kathy's 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Today, I had time to play with some stamps I haven't used in a long time. I have used this flower image as a cut out or stamped on a card, it has always been a favorite stamp of mine. I used gold embossing, music printed from book, a letter stamp, flower and printed paper. This card is going out to my dear mother who just turned 91. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 10 Coloring Challenge ~ Iris Card

Today, I'll share a card using my PSX stamp and Distress Crayons. Three of the green distress crayons were blended on my Kraft sheet and then painted on the leaves using a water-brush. Distress ink was used around torn edges of card front. I add my water brush with a light grey distress crayons behind the stamped image. Archival black ink was used to stamp image. 
This PSX stamp is among the first stamps I bought 1993. 
This is my day 10 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 9 Coloring Challenge ~ Bouquet of Good Wishes

I've added color to stamped images each day but only finished 5 cards to upload here on my blog for Kathy's 30 Day coloring challenge. Today, I used Distress Crayons as my choice of color for Day 9 Coloring Challenge. I used these four crayons to color using a water brush. Archival black was used to ink the flower and quote by Hero Arts. I have the card folded at the top. 
Thanks for viewing my blog! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 6 Coloring Challenge ~ Girl with Hat

Adding this piece for my Day 6 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. This cute little girl stamp was inked with Memento, stamped on Neenah paper and then Copic markers were used to color image.
If you have been a rubber stamper as long as I have, you might remember Stamp Affair, those were among the few stamp companies available early 80's and 90's. Later I will finish this piece into a card.        www.the

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day 5 Coloring Challenge ~ Scarecrow with Pumpkins

I display fall stamps like this one on a shelf each year. This stamp reminds me of my parents garden with lots of pumpkins. My mom would make a stuffed scarecrow in her garden each year. This stamp is fun to ink, stamp and color. Lots of Copic markers were used to color the image.
I made this piece for my Day 5 of Kathy's 30 day of coloring challenges.
I have two Oops! a small amount of green on the stalk and I had then looked up, a gold spot was on the white portion.
I bought this stamp the second year I started stamping and its still a favorite of mine.  

Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 4 Color Challenge ~ The Colors of Autumn

I haven't made cards like this in a long time. They are quick and fun to make! 
This is my card for day 4 of Kathy's 30 coloring challenge November 1-30-2016. I used three fall color and three leaf green Copic markers on this card. The checked frame stamp was inked with Memento black and then enhanced using # 100 Copic marker. I used small talk chit chat for the quote. 
This is where a Misti tool would work well to keep everything straight. Except these are mounted stamps. These are both retired; Stampin'Up and StampaRosa.