Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Cards






After making the 9" stuffed santa dolls I got busy making Christmas cards to send out to family. These are some of the card fronts I made using rubber stamps from my stash.
Each  image was inked with archival black ink on white cardstock and then painted with a variety of products from my stash. I used Tim Holtz distress crayons, Dina Wakley scribble sticks and Jane Davenport aquapastels with a paint brush or waterbrush.
Thanks for looking and have a nice day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Handmade Santa

 If you looked at my previous finished piece on my blog you'll find the tapestry I just finished on the 17th of November. I planned on starting my Christmas cards but instead I purchased a Santa pattern to make some Santa dolls. These Santas are 9" tall.
 I started making Santa dolls the afternoon on the 20th of November and now 5 days later I have 5 dolls finished. Two of those days last week, I was gone all day.
 The dolls were made with good quality muslin. I had a piece of vintage red wool felt to make the coats and hats. I wish I had more of this vintage material.
 I looked at a few places to buy wool for the beard and hair but didn't find any at three craft stores. I know I have some but with my back like it is now, I didn't look through my stash.
I used double sided tape and glue to apply the yarn I found at Joann's for hair and beard for my Santa dolls.
 I painted the dolls arms, legs and face with gesso. A portion of the legs were painted with Dina Wakley Night paint to look like boots. I used a watered down Dina Wakley magenta scribble sticks over the gesso on face.
 I sewed on a small jingle bell on each hat, this size of bell was purchased at HL in Christmas area. White felt from HL was cut using a ruler and rotary cutter. I wish they had what I used years ago on my larger Santas.
 Everything was made using needle and thread except the beard. I have a Bernia sewing machine but it wasn't used to make my Santa Dolls.
Update: I finished a total of 9 Santa Dolls before Chirstmas. I've kept one for myself. The last 6 I tied a black ribbon around their waist to make it look like a belt.

                                                  Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Wool Tapestry Stocking For My Mother

I started working on this Bucilla stocking from a tapestry kit the first of August 2018. I didn't think it was possible to finish before Christmas this year. I was making the stocking for my dear mother. I was hoping to finish before October when we celebrated my mothers 93 birthday. 
I took the first photo August 18, as you can see I hadn't added that much wool yarn. It was slow going. The finished stocking is 18" long.
Mom said she didn't want her name on it. I worked on the stocking nearly every day. This was my first tapestry. I stretched the tapestry to a 14x18" wood picture frame, that didn't work very well, so I purchase a frame made for tapestry work. It worked much better. As I started working on the tapestry I noticed I would be running out of wool yarn for several colors. It took some calling around to find wool yarn but did find a business in Oklahoma City. I had to purchase two colors of red, two colors of yellow and twocolors of green bundles of wool yarn to finish the stocking. That was more than I need so I have leftovers of color. 

November 17 I finished the stocking and took the photo below. In a few days we will be taking this stocking to my mothers. I lined the stocking in black fabric. The back is black felt. I finished the stocking by hand stitching. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Have you ever seen something and thought I recall making something like that before

I've been crafting since childhood, making stuffed dolls and animals from early 70's and stamping since the early 90's. I've been published on paper magazines many times but nothing recently because I haven't tried.
In 2004, I was asked to join SSReflections online magazine, I purchased some of the books and DVDs while others were supplied for me to do book and DVD reviews.
Some of the supplies were furnished to do monthly samples from each team member.
After SSReflections closed 2009, I joined Rubber Road Adventures where I did projects for online and major companies in industry. When they closed I didn't join another online magazine.
Although I have been a design team member for several stamp companies.

Moving on....
A couple weeks ago I saw someone show a project on Facebook. The comment was made; "you had to go to her class to see how she made the booklet"
Now, this is where it comes to my mind, I know that I've made that booklet in the past or something very similar to it.
I won't be showing how I made this booklet but will show the first two pages. I have four pages but this will be the only one I will share for now. Small tags come out through the top of each page.
Oh, by the way, this was made this week!
Media Heavy Body Acrylic Paint and Stamps by Dina Wakley,
one stamp by Stampers Annoymous and
Archival jet black by Ranger Ink 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Handmade Bears

While recouping from pacemaker and other health issues I made these 11 plus 13 more June through July this year. Most of these bears have gone to family near and far. These bears are 5 inches tall if they could stand up. To make these tiny bears I have to use magnifying glasses because I can't see the stitches without them. 

The graduate bear (below) was made for one of our granddaughters that graduated from her two year college this year.
The last bear (below) was made for my 92 year old mother, I made her bear a dress and a red bow with white curls in her hair. 
It takes me 6-8 hours to cut-out and hand stitch the bears and longer if I make hand stitched clothing. 
I've made a bunch of bears in the last 2 months. They consist of blue, red, purple, burgundy, grey, beige, teal, cream, medium brown and dark brown. 

Update: It's now August 10, I finished my last bear (No. 25) to give to my husband he wanted a blue bear and then I shipped out two bears one to Arkansas and and one to Wyoming. They were just like the bear below. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Asthma and Sinus Problems

When we came home this past Tuesday, I wasn't feeling well. Before we left moms I was having sinus problems probably from the neighbors large cedar tree and cottonwood trees. Or it could have been all those fresh flowers that were at my mothers home. (my youngest sister works at a flower shop, when they have flowers that go beyond the day of sale she can bring them home) By the time I got home I was having a full blown asthma and sinus problems. When I went to my local doctors appointment today for a routine pacemaker checkup, I told my doctor how I was feeling. He said as many things that is wrong with you; you'll needed medication.
Update this evening:
I just looked up the report my doctor said; sinus syndrome and asthmatic bronchitis.

He told me my heart doctor gave him the results why I needed a pacemaker. He said I had stopped breathing for 4 seconds on one occasion. At the hospital I heard an RN say I had three recent issues with my heart. I guess they saw the results from my loop recorder.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Back home with a Pacemaker

 My heart doctor said I had to take sponge baths for 10 days after surgery so I don't get my staples wet. Also, I can't raise my left arm the next 4 weeks. And wear a sling immobilization in bed for the next 4 weeks. No more MRI's!
I have another appointment next week to get my staples out.
We stayed a week with my mother. My youngest brother from Wyoming and oldest brother and SIL came in from Arkansas in at the same time I had my surgery scheduled. My youngest sister lives about a mile from my mother. If only my oldest sister had been at moms we would have all been together, my sister has heart problems and didn't want to fly.  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I didn't receive good news at eye surgeon

 Life has taken all sorts of twists and turns. I'm wanting to get back to using my stamping supplies! 
I thought my bad eye-site was due to having all the migraines and headaches since December 2015
Tuesday, May 15, I saw my eye doctor in our town, he tested my eyes for glasses because I was having trouble seeing. When he checked my left eye I couldn't see the screen, it was blue. He used a camera, he said it looks like fluid on the back on my eye. He didn't waste anytime and contacted a eye surgeon in Edmond, Ok so the next day, May 16 we drove down to see him. After filling out a bunch of papers, and then a bunch of photos on my eyes; the eye surgeon said he believed I had a stroke in my left eye when I was on life support April 10-15, 2016. He said; there is nothing they can do for my eye. In left eye, I see a blue blurry blob in the center and only see a little of the outer perimeter. When they had me looking at eye doctors screens, all I saw was a blue screen or fuzzy screen when I was supposed to see a hot air balloon or black dots. My eye doctor checked me a few months after I was on life support. And a year after being on life support. Each time he would say, lets wait a little longer till you get new glasses. 
My right eye is 20/25, in my left eye 20/400. 
18 inches from computer is a blur to read. With my new pacemaker, I'm suppose to stay a safe distance away from my computer. I might have to change to a larger print on my computer. 

May and June 2014 I paid extra to get laser surgery so I didn't have to wear eyeglasses. Now with my eye site like it is, the surgeon said he can't correct or improve my eye-site with eyeglasses, surgery, or shots in my eyes. 

Update June 11,2018, I went back to my eye doctor to get glasses so I could drive when dear hubby has surgery. He ordered me new lenses for clear and sunglasses. On left eye, will be just a lens with no correction, on right eye will be a new lens to see better.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I just can't get a Break

I went to my eye doctor today after having months of flashing lights and small shining circles in my eyes. I thought it was due to having all the migraines since December 2015.  
It had got so bad I was having problems reading or typing. So if you see a typing mistake it's my crazy eyes showing a blank or looks blurry. 
I was run through several test before seeing my eye doctor. He checked my right eye and finally found one lens I could see pretty good but not perfect and then went to my left eye. All I could see was a big blue glob. He took camera shots of both eyes to look behind my eyes. My left eye is much worse. He said I have macular edema. I have a pocket of fluid behind my eyes and I'll need shots in my eyes. 

I told my eye doctor if they wanted to do an MRI, it would have to be soon as I'm having a pacemaker on the 24 of May 2018. He made the appointment for the next day in Edmond, Ok near the Oklahoma Heart hospital when I was on life support (April 2016) and then stayed 15 days across Memorial at Mercy rehab.
After I got home from eye appointment, I read up on macular edema, it says it might have come due to the laser surgeries. I had laser surgery on left eye May 2014 and laser surgery on right eye June 2014 or they said it could be due to a recent fall. I fell December 9, 2017, when I tripped over a cord and fell down hitting my back and head hard on an oak floor. I have daily headaches and back pains and need more surgery on my back. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Things I started working on

While recouping I've been doing things that doesn't take much energy. I found a few planners at less than I could buy the round disk that holds the planners together.
 I bought new covers on some, others looked like new. I pulled out all the 2016 and 2017 papers, but kept some the monthly pages. And then added white or colored card stock. I'm going to use them as a journal to add stamped images, paint, gel prints and more.
 I made one for Madison, she is our youngest granddaughter in college. She wanted blue card stock for her papers. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Working Through the Pain

I've dealt with pain in my head since December 2015 and doesn't seem to get any better. I've taken two sets of Botox shots with no results, no medication helps.

Then moving into December 7, 8, and 9 I had a garage sale in our rental that we had up for sale. The last day of the sale, an old man came in around noon he was not steady on his feet carrying a cane, he stopped in the living room to buy some ornaments, he didn't come up to my table to purchase them, he pulled out his money and looked over at me. I got up to take his money and sat down. He picked up another item in the living room, and this time he pulled out his money again. I got up and tripped over an extension cord I had running to my cash drawer. I fell down hard hitting my right hip on some metal and plastic boxes near my table, I hit my  back and head on hard wood floor. It didn't knock me out but as I was laying down on the floor the old man was standing on my hair, I ask him twice to get off my hair. Two nice ladies came up to help me, they ask him to get away from me. They took his money and took it to the cash register. They called my dear hubby to come help me. Dear hubby called our son, they both helped me off the floor. (yes, I know I should have called an ambulance.) Our son and hubby closed down my sale and went to ER. This happened on Saturday, on Monday I went to my local doctor, he said you will feel better in 6 weeks, just take the pain medication and let it heal. I ask my pain doctor for a surgeon that might help me. I went in to see the surgeon about three weeks after falling. He said he could have helped me sooner, if I had come in right after it happened. (Of course I didn't know him then)

On February 14, he operated on my back at T 12 with cement. I was put of Norco for pain.

I was still in chronic pain 7 weeks after surgery so I called my surgeon back and got an appointment April 5, he ordered X-rays, CT and MRI that day since we were two hours from home.

April 6, I stopped cold turkey taking Norco. It took a week to get over that medicine. I had been on Norco since  I fell December 9. I didn't like having claw marks on my skin from the itchy feeling and I couldn't tell it was helping me any longer.
April 10, 2018 we drove back to Norman, OK to see the surgeon. He said I need surgery again on T10, and T11 and L-2 and L-3 with pins and screws in my back.

On Friday, April 19, 2018, I went to a Medtronic guy to check my loop recorder in my chest, he said you need a pacemaker. He took his records to my heart doctor across the hall, they gave me an appointment that same day to come back to see the heart doctor. She agreed with the medtronic guy and I needed a pacemaker, she said she will put it in soon.
I called the doctor that was going to operate on my back and told his office I had put my back surgery on hold.

I'm in pain 24/7 sitting while riding in a car, walking, standing, cooking, bending down and now trying to sleep. I haven't found anything that helps that I can take. I'm allergic to what others take for pain.

All this time I've been in pain with my upper and lower back and still have daily headaches and migraines. I see flashing like many times everyday.

When will this night-mare end!

Sorry Bloggers, it has been a rough year! I'm off my venting now!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Botox isn't for Me

I stay indoors as much as I can due to my headaches.
I had Botox March 20 and July 17. 2017 hoping they would help my headaches.  My neurologist at Baptist hospital said the first shot of Botox might not help. Well, the second one didn't help either.
He gave me around one hundred shots in my head and neck first time with a whole bottle of medication, the second time he only filled one needle full Botox with about 25 shots. I made the mistake telling them I didn't want anymore shots, he told me he couldn't help me any longer. I guess it was all about the expensive Botox.

My doctor that retired before this doctor told me I had several kind of headaches and migraines and my life is not going to get any better than it is right now.

I started on a downward spin with Trigeminal Neuralgia December 2015 but wasn't diagnosed until March 2016.
And then my heart/asthma/pneumonia health issues came in April 2016 when I was dealing with pain from CPR, it rained many of the 15 days stay making my headaches and migraines really painful.
What happened to me April 10, 2016 with my health and heart has affected my health.

Since December 2015; I go to bed with pain and wake with pain in my head and now in my back. My face on left side continues to be numb, my teeth hurts with TN and my head hurts constantly. I can't stand loud noise.

This time of the year with the weather changing makes the headaches especially bad.

Flower blooming! Leaves on trees and weeds are coming up.

I don't feel like doing a lot of stamping like I did years ago.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Flowerpot Collage

I worked on this piece four days before calling it done. Robyn put her beautiful piece on a 11x14" canvas board, I painted on my large Dylusions Creative Journal book.
I put my collage piece up on Facebook last night. I was inspired to make it from viewing Robyn's videos "Bouquet with Bees" from A thing Called Love.

The photo below is what it looked like before I started painting the flowerpot and flowers.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Watercolor ATC

It's been awhile since I've been in my stamping room. On this day, I sat down with some vintage watercolors my daughter gave me and a 0.5 mechanical pencil my husband gave me from his work when he retired. 
Brandi Dayton shares how to make her flowers and birds in an online video. Instead of making a large project  like she did, I made an ATC.  
Have a nice day! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rubber Stamp Madness Summer Issue

To receive a free copy of RubberStampMadness's Summer issue, send an email to and mention my blogsite;

 The first 100 responders will receive a copy. Here's information about the issue: ATCs are the main focus, with six-pages inside, an ATC-filled cover. Down on the Farm stamp art incorporates cows, chickens, barns and over-sized potatoes in pastoral scenes. Judy and Bobby Duke of B & J's Art Stamps share the story of their home-grown business and samples of Judy's fabulous artwork. A how-to feature explains steps for making Simple "Step Cards," perfect for sharing through the mail. Three terrific tags are showcased in The Tag Shoppe. An album of "Not-Feeling-So-Blue" artwork and more are in this issue. 

This post was published June 21, 2017 ( hurry, if you plan on responding to be the first 100 to receive a free copy. ) 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Watercolor Flowers and Birds

I saw Brandi Dayton's Birds and Bees video. She shares 5 videos how to make her lovely piece. Here is my attempt on an 8" by 10" using 140 lb. watercolor paper. 
I added Pearl Pen from Viva on my birds and flowers.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kraft Glassine Tag

I made this tag tutorial for RRA online magazine February 14,12 and now its closed down. It was never posted on this blog until today.

1)    I used my Vagabond with bookplate die to make this tag. 
Note: I use 14 pt. heavy-duty file folders with my tag die; the smooth finish works well for many of my crafting needs.  
2)    Place tag on craft sheet; apply Dusty Concord inks to foam applicator; in a circle motion cover the right side of tag working down and across bottom of tag. And then add Brushed Corduroy on clean foam applicator in center and then apply Tumbled Glass to the left of tag. Next, apply Broken China over the Tumbled Glass. And then, add Fired Brick over the Dusty Concord. Blending as needed to get the colors desired.  
3)    While still wet sprinkle a little water over the tag. 
 Note: This is done by taking the tag to the sink. Add a very small amount of water in the palm of your hand and sprinkle the tag with a few drops.
4)    Quickly heat set to dry.

5)    Stamp script with Sepia ink over the inked background.
6)    Stamp butterflies with black ink. Heat set to dry.
7)    Stamp an addition butterfly on white card stock using sepia ink. 
8)    Cut out butterfly.
9)    Add multi-medium matte as an adhesive to center of butterfly, adhere butterfly to tag.
10)    Add Distress Stickles over butterfly. Heat set to dry.

1)    To begin: crumble one sheet of Kraft glassine papers three times. 
2)    Cut three flowers in one pass using Tim Holtz Alterations “Tattered Florals” die with you’re choice of a die cutting machine. I used my Vagabond die cutting tool.  
3)    Layer the three flower die cuts; punch a tiny hole in center. Add brad to hold the flower together.
4)    Add rhinestone to center.
5)    Crunch the flower to resemble a real flower.
6)    Use multi-medium matte to adhere flower to tag.
7)    Place brass stencil on tag, use paint brush to paint the number 5 with black dabber paint. Remove stencil and clean with water. Allow to dry. 
8)    Add fibers to finish this tag. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The First Step in a Journey

I'm adding this page for Day 30 of the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Racoosin. 
This page was simple to make, I used tissue wrap to cover the Maya Road chipboard mini page. Distress crayons were used to add color to tissue wrap background and TH new botanical flowers. 
The bird is a die cut made from chipboard using my Silhouette die cut machine. I painted the bird using acrylic paints. 
The quote is from Tim's new clippings stickers.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sweet Memories

This page was simple to make for my Day 29 of the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Racoosin.
The background was made with my Gelli Printing Plate, acrylic paints and a stencil I made with .005 film and my Silhouette machine.  The cling rubber little girl stamped image was inked with archival black ink on manila card stock and then watercolored using a water brush. I inked and stamped two quote stamps and a scallop die cut from my stash to finish this page.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Little Girls Page

I'm adding this page for Day 28 of the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Racoosin. 
This page began with tissue wrap applied with collage medium onto my Maya Road chipboard mini page. Next, I scraped a little bit of gesso over the tissue wrap and then rubbed distress crayons over the page.
Next, I inked a portion of Heidi Swapp 6x6 inch clear stamp with Archival library green and stamped on the background.
I used found relative from Tim Holtz package, it was matte with black card stock and applied to page using collage medium. 
I inked a Dyan Reaveley cling flower stamped image on glossy card stock, color with watercolors, cut-out and then applied to page with a small leaf. 
Three metal embellishments by Paper Studio were applied with glossy accents. 
A tiny bit of color from distress crayons were used on the found relatives. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

In the Garden

Good day everyone! This was an easy page to make. I used distress crayons to color the background of this mini book page, and then I used one of the birds and one of the butterflies from Tim's new botanical package, words from Tim's new clippings stickers and three tiny flowers and leaves that I  made from his tiny tattered floral thinlits dies. 
I'm adding this page for Day 27 of the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Racoosin. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Be Original page 3

I covered this page using Tim's tissue wrap along with one of the flower images from his Botanical Layers. Distress crayons were used on the background and both moth. The be original is from Tim's chit chat. 
I adding this page for day 26 of Kathy's 30 day coloring challenge. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Amazing You Page 2

This is page 2 of the 8 page mini book I started yesterday.
I used acrylic paint with my Gel Press to make this background and apply it to my chipboard page.
"Amazing you" is another stamp and die from Richard Garay collection. The image was inked with archival black on white card stock and then die cut using my Vagabond. Inking foam tool with distress ink was used to soften the edges of die cut image. Little girl image was inked with archival and matte to black card stock and applied to mini book using collage medium. I added a tiny bit of color using distress crayons to stamped image. I added vintage photo around edges of mini book page to finish. 
I'm adding this page as my Day 25 of 30 day coloring challenge over on Kathy Rocoosin blog. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mixed Media Mini Book Pg.1

I'm adding this page for Day 24 of the 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy Racoosin. 
I used Tim's collage medium to apply tissue wrap to cover page and then used a plastic spatula to apply a little gesso over the tissue wrap. 
Next, I added a little bit of distress crayons using my fingers to spread out and over the page. 
The little girls image is from Tim's new supplies called; Paper Dolls, these were purchased at JoAnn's. I added trimmed black card stock around the little girls. 
 "Today is the day" stamp and die set by Richard Garay purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Prima flowers, glitz, and a 4x8 inch Maya Road rectangular tabbed chipboard album was purchased at Tuesday Morning. 
All images were applied using collage medium purchased at Michael's.