Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Cards

January 31 I left my home to be with my mother for nine days, six of those days were spent at my sisters house {we were house sitting while she was away on a trip to Jamaica}; I took lots of stamping supplies that included a very large suitcase full of supplies and totes full of tools We stamped each day as well as got out and did fun things together. My sister has a large dining table eight feet long. It was covered with plastic and newsprint before we layered it with my stamping stuff. The long counter behind my mother had my Cricut Create, Bind-it-All, Cuttlebug and paper trimmer. Here is a photo of my mother working on a card. She didn't know I was taking the photo until I snapped the camera. Also here are some of the cards I made last week. More cards to follow! Comments Welcome!


  1. Wonderful cards, Judy. And I love that you and your mother were able to spend so much crafting time together!!

  2. Judy, you have some great art there lady. Thanks for sharing it.

    Your mother is a very beautiful lady, and to be able to craft with her must have been the best blessing. Love, Audrey

  3. Lovely projects Judy. How fun you got to spend time with your Mother like that. I wish my Mother would be interested but alas she is not. Ah well. I will live vicariously through you. :-)


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