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This is a project I made for Crafting with OWSE blog published Feb 26, 2013:   

Recently I was down visiting my mother, I brought down my Zutter binding tool and many of my stamping supplies. This is my book. Mother made a 6 x 6." 
We both used the Clock die on the cover page. 
The front needs a little more work. (More die-cuts)

Cut chipboard (or cereal boxes) for front and back covers: 5 1/2" x 8"
I used Kraft paper for my covers. You can purchase this in by the yard joining the club
Wad the Kraft paper in a ball, smooth out and wad up again, smooth out, this will soften the paper. Place Kraft paper over chipboard, cut two pieces 7 1/2" x 10." Apply glue stick, gel medium or glue n' seal to front of chipboard apply Kraft paper over the chipboard, smooth to get a good fit. Turn over to inside of cover and trim corner, add more glue on back of chipboard, pull excess of Kraft paper around to a smooth fit. Cover inside of cover with a trimmed piece of your choice of paper, I used the same paper as the pages.
Add distress ink to give an antique look to covers. 
Die cut clock with chipboard, die cut spellbinder die gear, distress with ink, paint clock hands with black paint, glue clock, gear and hands to front cover with glue n' seal.
Complete the back cover of journal the same leaving it blank on back.
Use paper trimmer to cut pages for the mini-book, adjust the paper shorter in length. I've made many books over the years, the pages will extend from book if not trimmed. 

Finish book using your choice of binding.
I used my Zutter tool for my mini book.

These pages we made using many of Tim Holtz stamps. 

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