Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pair of Birds and Update 6-6-13

Sharing a photo; this pair of birds made a nest in a wreath on our front porch. Each time we open the door they fly away. 
My mother called her sister, she said these birds are house finch. 

Update photo 6-3-13
Last week we saw 4 tiny birds with little fuss on their heads, I took my first photo this morning, wow, in just a few short days they now have feathers.
I've deleted the icky stuff around the nest. Birds don't clean house. 

Update 6-5-13
Today we saw five birds! They are getting too big for their small nest on top of my wreath.
Update 6-6-13
Opened the door this morning, the birds were gone. I missed seeing them fly away, we pulled down the wreath and threw it away. 

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