Saturday, December 7, 2013

Do you Write with your left hand?

Do you Write with your Left Hand or your Right Hand?
Take just one minute to leave a comment, it will be fun to see if we are near the national average. The encyclopedia says that 7 to 10% of people prefer to write with their left hand. It is probably the same with stampers.

My answer:
I do most things with either hand but write best with my left hand.
When I started to grade school I was the only one in our little school left handed, they said I was going to be right handed, so during class for two years they tied my left hand behind me with a belt. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Interesting one this! I started out as a left handed and was made to change at school, I remain a right hander for writing but do a lot of things either/or but my left arm & hand are my strongest!


  2. I am right-handed but I do lots of things with my left pour coffee, catch a ball (found this out as a child), etc.

  3. I write left-handed. Fortunately my mother insisted I be allowed to use my left hand 70 years ago. I am VERY left handed. She could tell I was left handed when she gave me a spoon to eat with as a baby. Messy if using the right hand, not messy with the left.


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