Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Birds

I'm ready for warm weather; it was warm enough to go outside today without a coat, this evening its windy and cold, winter has returned. Tomorrow ice and snow has been forecast.
I made a bunch of chipboard digital die cut birds with my Cameo Silhouette this past week. 
While dear hubby was at the doctors a couple days ago, I was looking at bird magazines in the waiting room. I pulled out my phone and took photos for references on color and then came home to paint my birds. I used Dina Wakley media paints on each bird.
Dina's media paints and media palette knife were used to paint my background. 
I used the smallest brush from Dina's set to paint the leaves and branch. 
Black soot brush marker was used under each bird to give it shading. 

Fude Ball 1.5 marker was used on leaves and the bird’s eyes. 


  1. Like you I am ready for spring but it's not going to happen yet :-(, we've had five days of glorious blue skies + sunshine & now it's back to grey / damp dreariness!

    So those little birds are bringing a splash of brightness to my life right now YAY! Thanks for that :-D


  2. very pretty. Been unseasonably warm here 50s-60s. Usually 40s and snow here in northern Arizona.

  3. Wonderful.....
    I bet with this weather, they won't be flying south!!!
    Enjoy God's Day!!!

  4. Your birds are beautiful. How clever to cut them from chipboard for dimension.

  5. Seeing your birds takes me away to a spring time day! Needed today when we're experiencing record low temperatures today.

    my blog Who provided the inspiration for my cards? Katy did!

  6. They are wonderful! Great colors and fantastic painting.....a job well done.


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