Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Headaches, Asthma and Cardiac Arrest

 For more than 97 days I was dealing with headaches and migraines. So far, I've had biopsy surgery, a CT scan, an ultrasound, an MRI, weekly steroid shots, pain pills and now I'm on blood pressure medications for the migraines. Still having round the clock migraines and headaches.
After months of test I found out from my doctor and a neurologist I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and Migrainous Cephalalgia. The medication they gave me in March; carbamazepine, propranolol and Lyrica, the neurologist told me when the weather changes or storms come in I would have bad headaches or aura migraines. Its true they have been bad. 

I had just started the new medication when I came down with asthma, the medication I usually take was not helping.
Dear hubby said I got so bad he took me to the ER April 10. I don't remember getting in the car. He said I walked into the ER and they rushed me back into a room where I stopped breathing. I went into respiratory arrest and then went into cardiac arrest. they gave me CPR compressions and then put me on a life support machine. They said I had pneumonia, and pumped one liter of fluid from my lungs. After they got me stabilized a rain storm came in and then the medical helicopter was grounded and ambulances were busy with accidents. After a few hours an ambulance came after me and started down the road to Oklahoma City. Another liter was pulled from my lungs on the ride down. When the ambulance got near the Oklahoma Heart Hospital they ran out of fuel and another ambulance came out to pick me up. My hubby, children and grandkids were driving down the same road on the way to the hospital. They said they drove through a horrible rainstorm. My son came along later, he passed the ambulance along side of the road and then saw a guy carrying a gasoline can, he picked him up, took him to a station and took him back to the ambulance. (My son was told about my health)

A few days before going to the ER April 10 and up until the evening of April 14 when they woke me up, I don't remember anything except when they woke me, I saw three angels up near the ceiling in my hospital room and then they moved to the left out of site. I've never seen them again. I guess it wasn't my time to go. 

After 6 days at Oklahoma Heart hospital, I was taken by ambulance to Mercy Rehab Hospital where I stayed 15 days. All the doctors, nurses, ST and PT were very kind at both hospitals. 

I'm back at home taking ST and PT. 

All my doctors told me not many live with all that was wrong with me. My heart doctor wants to know why I'm still alive. I had surgery May 11 and without sedation, he cut and installed a loop recorder in my chest. It has a battery life of 3 years. I'm so allergic to pain medications that he was afraid to give me any. 

And just when I started feeling better from chest pains from CPR, my headaches have returned. I guess my body could only handle one pain at a time. 

Today at PT, they saw I was in pain. I was taken back in a dark room. He massaged my head with cooling gel. It felt good but didn't take the pain away. I'm on 15 new medications since my asthma, pneumonia and heart attack. The heart doctor has taken me off my medication for headaches. The only medication he kept me for migraines; Sumatriptan. I only get 9 pills a month. 

Update; I've had an appointment scheduled to see a new neurologist 4 months ago, I saw him June 9, he gave me new headache medication. 

Thank you all for your prayers during my hospital stay and here at home! 
Thank you for visiting my blog while I'm recouping from all of this.
Just as soon as I can, I want to get back into my stamping room to play with my stamping supplies. 


  1. Oh, Judy, I'm so sorry!!! You are in my prayers!!!

  2. Judy, it is amazing you are alive my friend! God has been with you and I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers!

  3. I just heard you were so ill. I will be praying for you too.


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