Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mixed Media Journal Book (Pages 1 thru 3)

This tag was made using tissue napkin, stamps, embossing ink and powder, gesso, paper napkins, stencil, archival black ink, metal butterflies and distress crayons. 

This page was made with two stamps, tissue wrap, watercolor crayons, black archival ink.

The third page was made with a photo copy of my mother at age 4 and her big sister at age 6. I used texture paste, die cut flowers, big words, tissue paper and distress crayons. 
This chipboard book has six pages. 

Fifteen years ago, when I wanted to make a journal, I would buy old bound books, go to my bandsaw and cut the books into a shape or half of a heart and when the heart was open you would see a full heart. I shared these books with my mother and then we would spent all week working on our books. Some of the books, we glued 10 to 20 pages together.
One book, had a bunch of pages glued together with a deep rectangle cut-out in back of book. A tiny light could be turned on inside the book to showcase a translucent image over the cut-out.
Eight days ago, dear hubby and oldest granddaughter took me to my mothers home. We spent the week playing with our stamps and supplies. Like usual, I took more supplies that I needed. She doesn't have a car so we were bound to the house. We spent each day till we got tired playing with our stamping supplies. I worked on a few tags, made a few cards and then started working on my journal book. Most of the time was spent looking for supplies, discussing what to make next and so on...it was good to be with my mother again.

I'm home now getting things back in my stamping area and thought I would share these pages. 


  1. Beautiful textures...love all the pages.

  2. You had your own craft retreat! By the way, wanted to share that I'm going to start collecting stuff to make scavenger hunt type glue-book pages for my Documented Faith-book and have started by challenging myself to find bits and pieces for it around my house, craft barn and when I go out and about. I'm documenting my finds on my craft blog.


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