Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mini-Album Flower Book

 This mini book was made using my Zutter tool, lots of stamps, inks, paint, H20's and other supplies from my stash. I love making mini-books. 

I really enjoyed my real flower garden this year. 
I had beautiful blooms all summer until we started having cool nights late October, these were pulled and lots of pansies were planted. My mother said I must have a green thumb. I told her it was the rich soil we put in the flower garden, in a little area about 8' x 8' my hubby and granddaughter dumped 5 bags of manure and 10 bags of top soil and then during the summer I added epson salt mixed with water to the soil. I didn't let any of the water touch the petals. 
All through the summer, I had roses, petunia, marigolds, zinnia, sweet potato plants, shasta daises, ice plant, vinca, geranium, verbena, cypress, cardinal vine, mandevilla hanging plant and Boston fern hanging plant. 
We have had very cold freezing weather over the last week with ice and freezing rain the last few days and still some of these plants are hanging on, My pansies will live into springtime. I can't believe the Boston fern on the porch, vinca near the house, petunias and ice plant in my flower garden are still hanging on and new blooms coming out during this cold weather. I went out in the cold freezing rain this past Thursday and brought in the mandevilla and geranium plants. They are doing well and new blooms are coming out. 

Thank you for looking and have a very nice day! 

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  1. Judy I love your mini book. And oh dear...I would have loved to see your garden when everything bloomed. It must have been an explosion of colors.
    I adore your vibrant backgrounds. A great project.
    Thank you for sharing your art.
    Hugs from Monica.....Spain


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